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Hey, you're the goto exeptr. Thanks for hanging out here.
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You can use many things. A shot glass will work, so will a beer bttole. Slide players of the 20s and 30s used homemade slide made from bttolenecks (hence the name bttoleneck guitar). You can find directions for making your own online. They also used knives fairly often. Tom Rush used part of a telephone housing on his recording of Bukka White's Panama Limited. John Hammond uses a Craftsman deep socket I've used an old salt shaker, a piece of copper pipe, and a lighter. The lighter won't work well for an acoustic though. Experiment with whatever you have laying around. Something that slides over your finger is generally better-it leaves your other fingers available for muting.
Staunton , Va
It is a good stress reliever to get out of all the troubles at school and so on. Even though it doesnt really pay off, if is really enjoyable anway!
Stephanie Adam
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fishing provides you with so much more than just dropping a line in the water and catching a fish. My grandma taught me to fish. I would fish with my cane pole, bobber and worm while she would cast looking for bass. Whether we fished from the shore or her little wood row boat, it was as much about "our" time as it was about catching fish for dinner. The talks we had, the wildlife she pointed out and taught me about are valued memories. I look forward to sharing "fish time" with my grandkids.
Sylvia Murray
Hot Springs, Arkansas
There were no boys in my family..3 girls.. and I was the middle child.. and I loved the outdoors. I did not consider myself "athletic".. big, fast, or strong, but I found I could cast...and catch fish. Catching a fish was "self-fulfilling".. no one helped me "catch" that fish..I set the hook, reeled in the fish, and still had to get it to the boat. I learned to drive a bassboat, load the boat on the trailer...all by myself.Met a wonderful "family" of fishermen.. of all ages. Found love!
Chad Bain
When I was 4 years old my dad put a cane pole in my hand, that was my first rod & reel even though there was no reel to it lol. Fish weren't the only thing that got hooked that day as I was too. I've had a love for fishing ever since that continues to grow to this day. Thanks for all you do for the children to give them that opportunity back.
Bill McElroy
Waterford, Michigan
I've been fishing for as long as I can remember. My grandparent's would take my cousin's and me up north and in to Canada every summer to go fishing for a week. My next door neighbor would take me perch fishing on Lk. Erie, and later on I would spend hours fishing the Raisin River as a teen. I love all kinds of fishing, Bass, Perch, Walleye, Salmon, Pike and Musky, it doesn't matter! If they bite...I want to catch them and if they won't bite, I'll DRAW them biting!! They can't escape the pen!
Tom Branch, Jr.
Braselton, GA
Hey Dad, can we go fishing? Every young boy wants his dad to take him fishing, and luckily, my father is a man with three main hobbies; reading, hunting and fishing. I still remember the days stopping by the Suwanee One Stop and buying two dozen salamanders and heading out to Lake Lanier. We lived just 45 minutes south of the lake. I always preferred fishing during the week because the lake on the weekends was claustrophobic with crowds of 9 to 5'er's jammed on lake with their pleasure boats, jet skies and ski boats. In the springtime, my job was to convince him he needed a day off during the week so we could go fishing. Recently, my mom reminded me of a time when I was pleading my dad so hard that I even offered to buy the bait with my grass cutting money. I would employ any tactic I could to get out and fish. Most of the time, this was not an especially difficult task since Dad was self-employed. So, while everyone else was working and going to school, I got to go fishing. Many people said I was a lucky kid and you know what – yep, they were right! Over the years Dad never stopped taking me fishing! Now, it’s my turn to return the favour, “Hey Dad, let’s go fishing next week!”
Jake Chambers
Beaumont, Texas
Early in life, I wanted a motorcycle. My good friend Wesley Holst offered the Pros/Cons of owning a motorcycle. What 'WE' need... is a 14' aluminum flat bottom boat w/20hp Merc. Black ring worms w/yellow paddle tail were the lure of choice. Pistol grip Ugly Stiks fitted w/an ABU Garcia 5600 C w/Thumbar was my 'magic-wand'.. fished from a 14' alum flat bottom boat The 5600 C was a gift from Wesley. 37 yrs later, the 5600C sits ready in my rod rack, destined an heirloom for my son.
Kyle Robinson
Marion, Iowa
When i was young, I found a lot of enjoyment hunting and fishing. I never got to fish or hunt with my Dad. I always wished I could relive those years and change that. When I was married, and had sons, I made sure to spend time fishing with them and my wife. This time spent together has become one of the greatest pleasures in my life. Take your kids fishing some day. Mom and Dad too. Please pass it on!
Michael Sullivan
Eden, NY
My intro into fishing was with my uncle Terry McMahon. He gave me a used bait caste rig, and the rod shaft was made of steel. Fishing was later reinforced by uncles Neal and Ken McMahon. I would later travel by bike to varied local spots in the Buffalo area, with my gear in a military satchel. I think that my high lite of fishing was going to Black Lake in Ontario and fishing with my grandfather Chet McMahon. Fishing obviously has great emotional ties for me and I still have the steel rod.