On Every Cast, Floats Hope

"I hear babies cry
and I watch them grow…"

Dateline: Tomorrow… If. Violence. Comes from the sky. Then. Love. Has to come from the earth. And from those who stand upon it. If. Hope. Is swept away. Then. We. Have to bring it back. We. Are. The gatekeepers, of hope. We. The Family, Of Us. "…they'll learn much more…" Imagine, you are a child, and you are standing where your house once was. Imagine, everything you once had, once played with, once loved, is now gone. Imagine, wondering, if the storm, was your fault. Imagine, the feeling of not being safe. Imagine, hope dragged into the sky, leaving only ruins all around. You can hug the child. You can kiss the child on the cheek. Tussle their hair. Tell them, everything will be alright. And maybe they will believe you, maybe they won't. I wouldn't. I would think you are lying to me. I would trust no one. I would trust not, this earth.

This blue and green rock in space. Where the sky can snatch up your dreams. Where the weather, can steal hope. "…than we'll know…" I believe, that we, you and I, are an experiment in the universe. That we inhabit a Petri dish of possibilities. That we are here, to discover, if love, works. That we are here, to discover, if hope, works. In the face of it all. In the face of violence. In the face of destruction. In the face of hatred. And hopelessness. We. Stand. Alone. In space. In whatever it is that this blue and green rock floats in. And, if we make it work, if we make the experiment work, then we, move on. To where love is always. To where hope is always. To where we are once again, childlike. "…and I think to myself…" So it is to the child, that we come. To the child standing in the ruins.

To the child with tears, with fears, with hope gone. And to that child we make a simple, but profound offering. Hope. Returned. Hope, through a Magic Wand. A fishing pole. Where every cast they make, floats hope. Where every cast they make, floats dreams. Where every cast they make, brings a treasure hunt. If the sky betrays them, the lake will comfort them. The lake. And you. The Family, Of Us. And now it's your chance. Tell them, about the magic wand you cast with. Tell them, about who it was who gave you, your magic wand. Tell them, who placed hope in your hands. Tell them, we, you, are only the stewards of fishing.

Tell them, that after the storms that have taken everything, tell them that when you place a rod and reel back into their young hands you are doing so, to save their place in line. In hopes line. Tell them, of your love for fishing. Tell them, of your love for them. Tell them, we, all of us, are in this together. In, being the blue and green rock floating in space. In, the experiment, called love. In, the experiment, called hope. And we. The Family, Of Us. Are. Winning. Tell them that. Go ahead…

"…what a wonderful world."
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo Ole'